I’m not raw for you!

I am writing this because I’m guessing that so many people with special diets go through this! So it must be said! I’m not raw for you!

Here’s what I mean by this, since going raw vegan I have made friends and definitely lost friends! On one occasion my daughter lost a “friend” because of how we eat!

In this specific incident my daughter and her friend were getting along beautifully, when the mother of this little girl then decided to stop bringing her daughter by.

When I called and ask why, she said “well in all honesty I find it to hard to be around you guys due to how you guys eat! I know it sounds crazy but every time I’m around you I feel really bad about how we eat and live.”


Ok, so I explain that of course my life decisions has absolutely nothing to do with her! And she need not take it personally! But she said “no I’m tired of feeling bad about myself when I’m around you guys”

Unbelievable, so as my daughter cries her eyes out I try very hard to explain how this is for the best!! Because who needs this kind of friend anyway! But we would run into that many more times! Sadly! And me personally as well with other women. Even though I’m not “preachy” and also mostly refuse to even talk about food just to avoid all the questions!

I was sick and healed myself with food. That is it! I don’t care how you eat! All I care about is that I can eat day to day and not feel crippled in pain! How could we just drop people because of how they eat? I couldn’t do that, I don’t want it done to me.

I am definitely not raw to make you feel bad about yourself! I am raw for me! To make me feel better! I also won’t change for anyone. So why should it matter? I guess my point is, don’t let anyone make you feel bad for how you don’t eat or do eat. Your lifestyle choices are just that YOURS! As are mine! I understand that it is insecurities that has nothing to do with me or what I eat. However still sad right?! I am not in a “who can be healthier competition”

And just like you probably can’t fathom how I eat 7 different raw veggies in a day I also can’t fathom how to eat regular cooked food and not feel paralyzed with pain for days after!

So please know somebody’s story before you just assume that they are judging you

Not everyone is looking to judge! I certainly am not! My biggest supporters are my family and none of them are raw! But I would never turn my back on them because of what they eat or don’t eat! I am fortunate, they are very supportive.

So maybe just in the most basic sense you can be kind and learn someone’s story before assuming they’ve been sent to make you feel bad! Silly, but deflecting is real. Be confident in who you are and how you live and no one can ever make you feel any kind of way! ❤️

Enjoy life, enjoy time with friends!



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