When I went gluten free, I lost…..

Hi all! I’m getting back into blogging! And I wanted to share with you my first step in my healing journey 9 yrs ago! I went gluten free before I did anything else, I was a typical eater! So gluten free was very difficult at first! No more snacks, donuts, cookies, pasta PIZZA 😰 and so many other things I was used to eating in my everyday life!! But back then they didn’t have all the great gluten free substitutes they have now! Anyway I wanted to share what I lost when going gluten free! I lost a friend, I lost social times with my family, but I also lost 20lbs right away and I lost the craving for junk foods, high sugar processed junk!! I lost chronic yeast issues!!! And I gained some energy and self confidence!! I love it 🥰 never looking back!!! I also scratch the surface of helping my intense body pain go away!! If your questioning an allergy to gluten, just go a week without it and see how terrible you feel after you reintroduce it! And PLEASE don’t put fellowship before food, because others should just be happy that you wanna to take care of yourself not exclude you from everything!! Be proud of yourself!!! It’s not easy! ❤️


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