Raising vegan kids!

Hi all,

As most of you know I have two kids 10 and 2! Both of course are vegan. However my daughter was not vegan until the age of 2.

Even though I did it because I had an illness, I definitely wanted her to do it to avoid all the same illnesses in the future!

She was very easy to switch over, but I did it slowly. Only taking one thing at a time out of her day to day diet. Not taking anything away until I learned how to make it vegan or raw vegan.

For example she was a huge fan of peanut butter and jelly on wheat bread.

So I learned how to make fresh almond butter with fresh jelly. After that I looked up recipes for raw vegan bread!

I went to Walmart and bought a dehydrator and began to make my own flax bread! She loved it!

I guess at this point she was not very attached to meat products and at this point she had also never had fast food.

So, I think the key to feeding vegan, raw vegan kids is research! Please always do your research and introduce variety into their diets all the time! They have so many nutritional needs in different stages of their lives! My husband and I are constantly researching what’s need for their next stage of growth and what they need to thrive!

All in all I found that my daughter STOPPED having emotional fits and tantrums almost immediately after switching to a vegan lifestyle!

I literally haven’t had to even think about punishing her for anything since. She’s pretty well behaved. Before that she would have a few moments in timeout daily!

But it just goes to show that we really are what we eat!



  1. What a great mom and a super duper compassionate woman! I didn’t go vegan until my kids were adults and long gone but I do wish that I’d made the switch myself when they were little and maybe both would be vegans today. But at least one of them is. Anyway, kudos to you and both your kids look really healthy so you’re obviously doing everything right!

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