Changing your mindset to heal your body…

When I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2009, I was a totally different person then I am now. I wasn’t exactly a positive thinker. After changing everything I ate and even the water I drank I would still have some moments. In the process of changing my diet and my water I never addressed my mental health.

What’s funny is I can remember my grandmother also telling me to think positive! But I always laughed and said “whatever gram”

But oh my goodness I would realize later just how right she was.

Listen, the hardest thing I ever had to do was come clean with myself. Eventually admitting to myself that I made myself sick! I mean granted I don’t make or create all the chemicals in food that’s eating away at our bodies! But, I had a choice and I ate terribly and I held on to stress like it was my best friend! Even those things that I knew I couldn’t change.

I dwelled on all that is wrong with this crazy world. I always came up with the worse case in every situation. I was anything but positive!

No wonder I felt like crap! I was miserable thanks partly to my Whole thought process!

Finally, when I admitted to myself that I am literally my own worst enemy, I then started to address this problem.

I decided what fit me the best is “The Four Agreements” Once I embraced these four agreements I began to feel so much better!

Please check them out, they are definitely words to live by, no matter what your journey!



  1. I am a huge believer in natural medicine and nutrition. My son was born with a rare defect in his esophagus and living a healthy lifestyle has done wonders.

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  2. This is very true. What we put into our bodies definitely affects our mood and energy levels.

    I’ve been attempting to eat cleaner for a year now and definitely see an improvement in my energy, waist line (not as much but I’m grateful), and my skin.

    I’m also trying to be more accountable (in response to your 4 agreements) for so long I was very wishy washy with the promises I made and my decision making. That wasn’t fair to anyone.

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