The many ways we use “RAW” coconut oil!

It seems today we seem to live in a world where most oils are no longer excepted as a “health food”. Everywhere you look it says olive oil is toxic. Along with many other oils. I am not an expert on oils and their benefits or lack of. However I can tell you that my body does not allow me to eat
them either. Eating processed oils throws my body into a world wind of vertigo and vomiting. Not to mention numbness in my limbs. So it’s been many years since I touched the stuff. But after becoming a raw vegan I discovered that eating raw coconut oil was actually helping my body in so many ways! So I wanna share with you all the benefits that we have personally experienced with raw coconut oil in my household!

Moisturizer (skin)
It is a wonderful chemical free option!

It has helped heal a cavity I had.

My husband loves to shave with it. He says it leaves less hair bumps.

Hair moisturizer
I often use it in my kids hair to help detangle.

Oil pulling
Keeping a mouth full of raw coconut oil for about 10 mins helps detox and pull toxins from the gums and teeth.

I occasionally will put a teaspoon in my warm tea. I feel like this helps with my brain fog.

Just a teaspoon
I feel like having a teaspoon here and there helped me increase my breastmilk, when I was struggling with my supply.



  1. I started using coconut oil on my hair several years ago. I have curly hair but often wear it straight. During the summer when I wash it daily it can get really dry and straw like. After a year of doing hot oil treatments with it my hair had virtually no split ends (I went the entire year without a haircut) and was very healthy looking. I love refinishing furniture and discovered it also will help remove paint and wood stain off your skin.

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  2. I always have a small container with me when I travel, since it’s solid at room temp and doesn’t cause an issue with security. It’s great as a moisturizer, and even a leave-in conditioner in a pinch.

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