2 Seemingly easy ways to maintain and lose weight.

1. Drink more water

More often then not we mistake thirst for hunger. If we just stayed more hydrated throughout the day we wouldn't feel near as hungry. Staying hydrated keeps your appetite at bay. Being hydrated is even good for the brain. If you give it a little thought, maybe you would even make better decisions if you are properly hydrated. We drink coffee and sodas which are caffeine loaded and cause dehydration. Drinking water helps keep your body and brain working! Like a well oiled machine.

2. Chew your food more

Whatever it is you eat, chewing your food properly is so important. Of course we chew our food to swallow. But what if we really took our time and chewed our food until broken down to a liquid. That action alone will help the body process what we eat. We are always in a hurry, but slowing down to eat is basically just enjoying your food more. That should be easy. Especially if your eating good food! Just remember that our digestive system doesn't have teeth! The more we break it down the less work our bodies have to do.



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