Trapped inside my own body….. 

    I  can recall Back then feeling like “why me” a lot of the time. I would wonder what I must have done to deserve such pain. It never really dawned on me that it could have to do with food I was eating. Even though I thought I was eating healthy. I would buy all organic white meats and dairy. 

   And then one day I was laying on the couch watching a show called “extreme eaters”. I watched as beautiful glowing woman named Gabrielle said she was a raw vegan. She said she had went raw and detoxes her body of any drug and alcohol cravings. I knew right then that is what I had to do. I started researching and eating nothing but greens and fruit immediately. 

I went through a big detox stage, about 2-3 weeks I had flu symptoms. And my shingles got worse before they got better. Even the pain got worse before it got better. I was literally trapped inside my own body. 


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