Fibromyalgia fog is so real! 

So after getting the shingles I started to realize that I was also very forgetful all the sudden. And it just seemed that just the very thought of the smallest task would seem very overwhelming! I know I would confuse easily.  There was even a few times I drove to the store and got lost coming back. This was crazy considering I drove this same route with no help many times before. There were times I would personally say I needed something from the store, so I would get up and go. And no sooner would I start driving I would call my husband and I ask him where I was going and why! Totally insane, but I’m guessing it had to do with the lack of vitamin b12 at the time. At this time I was slowly transitioning into the raw lifestyle. But I was missing so much because of not knowing how to create all the different foods. I was lacking variety at that time. However I still take a b12 vitamin daily! 


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