It hurts to just be…

Well next I decided to go to a holistic doctor. I agree to a blood test and he says I am gluten intolerant. He explains to me that going gluten free will help my pain! So this is all I need to hear. I will do anything to rid myself of some of the pain. The next day I began to go gluten free. It’s a huge challenge for me. I used to love pasta and bread. But I noticed a difference right away. I wasn’t pain free by any means, but I was able to walk a bit easier. Still not able to go back to work. But in my journey of gluten free I immediately lost 22lbs. It had only taken a month to lose this weight. Which made me think I was more swollen then fat. I thought I was going to start feeling better. And then I woke up one day and again was a great deal of pain. This time I was having my first ever outbreak of shingles. I truly thought shingles was an “old persons” illness. But I guess not, the pain was unbearable! Shingles on top of the body pain! So now what?! Another doctor visit. Now it hurts to walk, brush my hair, bath, sit and stand up and just to be touched! It just hurts to be alive! I seriously had reached a dark point. So dark, I remember telling my husband to get rid of the gun we used to keep in the house for protection.  


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