The assault… 

After some thought I tell the doctor that the only injury I’ve ever had to my neck was during an assault years earlier. He says that it’s very possible that this incident has everything to do with my illness. He asked what exactly happened. I had not even spoke about it in so many years, but I remembered it like it was yesterday. I am not sure I can ever forget. 

I explained to him that I was at a night club with some girlfriends. One of my friends happened to live right across the street, so we decided to walk to and from. Toward the end of the night we left. Walked out of the club to see a parking lot full of police. We walked straight to my friends condo. We never even realized that two men were following us. We got to her house and was standing out front saying goodbye. When both men approached me and said he was at the night club we had just left and I ignored him when he said hi to me. 

I apologized and said I must have not heard you, it was so loud in there. But he was already too angry. He grabbed my arm and told me he was tired of ligh skinned so called pretty girls that think they are to good. By now I’m terrified, my friends are just looking, not sure what to do. As I walk backwards towards my car I see the window is down, so I wrap my arm around my window frame. And I refuse to let go. Because by now they are trying to carry me off somewhere. So the larger man whom is about 6’5 very broad shoulders has a hold of me and is telling his friend to grab my ankles. All I can think is “FIGHT don’t let them take you from this one spot because you will not come back”! So I do, I kick and I scream and I punch. Until I finally hear one of my friends say they are running back across the street to get the police. Finally I kick so hard the guy that has my ankles gives up and decides to leave. The larger guy is not giving in. But then I realized I was still holding a cigarette in one hand, so reached up and put it out on his face.  I’m guessing he was so drunk his reflex was delayed. But it finally registered he got even more angry with me. With that he backed up and punched me full force in the face. Finally I fall and my neck meets the cement parking pillar. 

And I’m out, the next thing I know the police are there and I am too terrified to even let the ambulance people touch me, so I refuse to go to the hospital. And because of this I never get checked, I never get an x-ray. I just asked for them to call my mom and I go straight home. 

The next next day I am black and blue all over. And I can’t remember all of what happened after I hit the ground. I asked my mom what happened. She said they caught one of the guys. The larger man, it turns out he had hit me so hard his watch flew off and he claimed that watch after being picked up. His friend got away unfortunately. But he was on probation for domestic violence. And so with the attempted kidnapping and assault he received 8 years in prison. Not even sure if that’s sufficient, especially if this incident is the cause of all my future physical pain that was still to come. 😡

Learn your stuff ladies! Always be aware of your surroundings! Always know of some way to defend yourself. 🙏



  1. You rebound from that experience to show others how to move forward and not live in the past. Proud of you Baby. Your story WILL change someone’s life.

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  2. i’m so sorry you went through that! But I’m glad they got the SOB. We go through these life lessons for a reason…it may not seem apparent now, but down the road we’ll go ahh, so that’s what that was for 🙂

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