In hindsight… 

After I go to the doctor and he tells me what I have, I feel confused. I can’t really wrap my head around any of it. All I really know is I’m suffering on some crazy level. So I decided to go to a chiropractor instead. I find an amazing chiropractor that is willing to help me. I go to my first appointment with him and the first thing he does is takes x-rays. After looking at him  shaking his head for a few terrifying minutes. He finally speaks up and says I have a really bad and possibly a very old injury showing on my neck x-ray. He says he can tell something bad had happened to me. He goes on to explain that sometimes when people have bad injuries certain symptoms can lay dormant in the body for years even. 

So he insisted that this old injury had much if not all to do with my new painful illness… .



  1. I don’t know if my email shows for you or not. I’d like to know if this worked for you. I was just pre-diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I’ll know more next week. I’m pretty desperate and don’t want to be disabled.

    Thank you

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