The next thing I know…. 

My mom recommends I go to her doctor. He is a specialist in internal pain and medicine. I go but just because I don’t really know what else to do. I mean just days ago I was walking around, going to work, doing fine. But now I’m limping when I can walk at all and the pain is only comparable to what I imagine it feels like someone beating your legs with a 2×4. I am crying constantly and occasionally even screaming myself to sleep at night. Many of nights my husband could not lay next to me because just feeling his movements would hurt me. Many times he would sleep on a chair right by my side and always tell me it’s gonna be ok. However it just didn’t feel that way. During my doctor visit my moms doctor told me that my muscles seem to be weakening for no real reason. He told me I had something called Fibromyalgia and possibly arthritis. No way I said, I am only 32. His response was ” well it probably won’t be long before your not walking at all so you might as well adjust” WOW! 

Right! No real bed side manner going on for him. But even though I barely walked out his office on my own, as my mother helped me, I never believed a word he said! I had absolutely no idea how I would get better but I knew that I would!!!❤️


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